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The funding arrangements in Australian health are quite complex. This is partly due to the different State - Federal responsibilities and partly due to the Private health Fund laws.

Public patients
are treated in State-run public hospitals. The costs of this are born by the State Government.

The patient is looked after by the team of doctors appointed by the hospital. The on-call team of the appropriate speciality is usually allocated. The team includes Consultant, Registrar(s), Resident(s) and possibly Intern.


Private patients in Private Hospitals or Public Hospitals are funded by the patient's Private Health Fund insurance and Medicare (Federal Government).


Choosing to be a Private patient in a public hospital has the following advantages:

Ability to be looked after by your specialist in hospital, rather than the hospital-appointed specialist of the day.


Choice of Specialist for surgical interventions or physician consultations, instead of having the specialist appointed by the hospital (specialist of the day).


Increased participation of consultant specialists in your care, rather than registrars (training doctors).


Helping the hospital budget by utilising the Medicare and Health Fund payments rather than the State budget allocated to the hospital.


There will be no gap payments from the hospital or the specialists looking after you if you choose to be a Private patient at SCGH or JHC.